“The Technical Time Machine” is the final installment of the Dr. Guy Owen Dupon trilogy, He was introduced to us in “The Last Resort” as a complex and gifted individual. In the second book “America Ville”, Guy was the generous donor of the world’s most creative and expensive indoor amusement park in the world. Now his saga comes to an end with his newest A. I. Robot, Futura, and his incredible working time machine (TTM). Dupon will embark on many trips into the past. He will try to make some important changes in our history. Will he achieve his goals or will his trips result in disaster?

It was a great joy for me to bring this main character, Dr. Guy O. Dupon to life! – Donald Tedesco

“The Dr. Dupon Saga is a thought-provoking and engaging series that explores the relationship between artificial intelligence and human emotion. My good friend, Donald, offers a creative and surprising take on the topic, and it’s likely to make readers think about the potential benefits and responsibilities that come with artificial intelligence. Given the increasing importance of A. I. in our world, this series is more relevant than ever before and is a must read”! – Thomas Kreuser

“Good things come in threes. I read books one, “The Last Resort” and two, “America Ville”. I’m looking forward to book number three, “The Technical Time Machine”. What a fantastic trilogy, highlighting the creative yet complex life of Dr. Guy O Dupon” – Thomas McGoldrick

“In the time proceeding “The Last Resort”, Dr. Guy O Dupon has left IMU in the past, since perfecting the technology to create his newest adaptation of IAN: Artificial Intelligence Reborn, AIR for short. In the book, “America Ville”, Dupon explores the exhilarating possibilities of A. I. proving that the vision of the future once showcased at his amusement park is not only within reach, but has been in Dupon’s hands all along. His newest robot, Futura, is an intelligent and often lethal companion in carrying out the good doctor’s utilitarian plans. Doctor Dupon’s greatest invention the technical time machine will challenge him to the greatest degree. Blending dark humor with often virtuous ideals, the newest installment demonstrates the twisted and exciting possibilities for A. I. and innovation in one billionaire’s fulfillment of his American dream”.