“My Coloring Book”

“My Coloring Book” is a story based on the life of Don Tedesco and the many experiences he has as an author and educator.

The Technical Time Machine (TTM)

The Technical Time Machine (TTM) is the final installment of the Dr. Guy Owen Dupon Trilogy, written by Don Tedesco

America Ville

Don Tedesco has written his next Dr. Guy Owen Dupon story Learn More

The Last Resort

“The Last Resort” is a book by Don Tedesco about a fictional AI saga unraveling on an island in the Pacific Ocean Learn More

The Last Resort Full Book Don Tedesco

Other Titles by Don Tedesco:

Lactose Free
Lactose Free Book

“Lactose Free for You and Me” Book

“Lactose Free for You and Me” is a book of recipes authored by Don Tedesco

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Award Winning Teaching

Actionville” Book

“Actionville” is a book authored by Don Tedesco about a program he created helping children through early education.

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Normandy Visit

“Sentimentally Sad” Book

“Sentimentally Sad” is a book by Don Tedesco about the complex emotions we encounter in life.

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Don Tedesco – Author

Throughout his 30 years as an educator, Don Tedesco has remained committed to making learning fun, especially through his program “Actionville”. “Actionville” is an award winning program used to enable students to express their creativity. Don authored the book “Lactose Free for You and Me”, and has most recently written “Sentimentally Sad”

“Actionville – Where learning is made a joy”

“Actionville’s program has always been marked by an integrated curriculum, whereby a theme or broad topic is studied from the perspective of the various classic academic disciplines. For example, a topic like astronomy might be studied not only from a scientific point of view, but also as it applies to math, language arts, reading, social studies, art and music.” -M. Casey (Parent 2000-2001)

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