From the Cover of “The Last Resort” by Donald Tedesco:

Somewhere in the Pacific, an island is purchased by multi-billionaires, Claude and Sandra Dupon. The Dupons created the most advanced artificial intelligent robot of all time. They named it IAN which stands for Intel Action Network. Their company and robot become a great hit around the world. IAN does only good. It’s unique because it stands out from other AI beings. It is the most realistic looking robot creation and has the capability to think, reason, and comfort. The Dupons bought the island in the Pacific and named it Innovation. They established their laboratory there.

Their son Guy is born with a facial defect and becomes the brunt of hatred from many individuals. After the death of his parents, he sets out to create a new AI robot to get even with those who harmed him throughout his life. At the island he creates IMU, which stands for Intelligence Mastered Unequivocally. This robot is able to shape change to other humans and capture their brain functions. This new robot will enable Guy to take care of those who have either escaped justice or who tried to ruin his life. Guy will rename the island The Last Resort. He will use this location to exact justice on his victims.

Will Guy succeed?

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