Excerpt From “Sentimentally Sad”

The book “Sentimentally Sad” is a book dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones to gun violence, disease, terrorism, racism, war and discrimination. 

The book contains fifteen short stories that will bring a tear to your eye and I hope touch you in a very special and sad way.

Sentimentally Sad Cover
“Sentimentally Sad”

Why create a book of stories that are all sad, the answer is that we all have experienced in our lives difficult and sad moments.  I want each of you to know that I grieve with you and have felt the pain of loss many times in my life. The theme of all the stories is one of hope.  Yes, hope that these kinds of things will be eradicated from our lives. I have great faith that we will accept this challenge to end senseless deaths and violence and bring it to a culmination once and for all.

World Trade Center Memorial Visit Don Tedesco
World Trade Center Memorial

The last chapter, “Solace” is a look at the ten most difficult and saddest sights that I have visited in my life.  I have tried to understand loss and sadness at each historical place. I tried to place myself in that time period and thought what it would be like to be person in that situation or a loved one who had to accept sad news that their loved one was lost, I really couldn’t.  I guess if you haven’t experienced these events, you can never know the extreme sadness that the person or persons left behind felt in their lives.

I hope you will join me in saluting and honoring all those who died for their country and for all those who lost their life senselessly.  They will not be forgotten!                            Donald Scott Tedesco